Michael Wies.
Thank you for visiting my personal website. This is where I keep everything I want to make accessible to myself and to you on the Internet! The goal is to create a simple medium to access all of the knowledge, insights, and tools I find useful, but more importantly to share and improve them. The site will never stop growing so your feedback is welcome at any time!
Quick Bio
Proudly born in St. John's Newfoundland, and raised in Fredericton New Brunswick, Mike completed an engineering degree at UNB while reaching Hockey canada level 4 officiating status and enriching the lives of my colleagues as VP and then President of the engineering society. Upon graduation, he haphazardly accepted a career in manufacturing and set off for southern Ontario. Soon realizing computing was his thing, he sought out the information management industry and became a Data Analyst at Empire Life in Kingston. Cut short by an offer from a major data warehousing company based in the U.S. offering substantial development opportunities and a chance to tackle Ontario's captial city, Mike has taken the leap once more and can't wait to live this next chapter. Last Updated 2014/06/06.
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You may have noticed that the transitioning header images are completely generic and, other than involving things I like (which you probably didn't know anyway), have nothing to do with me specifically. You may wonder; "Why would anyone use such generic images on a website clearly intended to summarize a specific individual. Well, I must have grown impatient and didn't bother to update them again before launching the site. So hopefully they will be replaced with original content soon. Feel free to remind me.




St. John's, Newfoundland
March 24, 1988


Fredericton, New Brunswick
July, 1995 - June 2011


Toronto, ON

Interests & Activities

  • Obstacle Course Racing
  • Diet and Exercise Planning
  • Website Design

Financial Ventures

  • Investment Property Owner
  • Personal Investment Management


Professional I.T. Consultant


University of New Brunswick
B.Sc.E, Computer Engineering
Queen's University
Master of Management Analytics
2016 (Expected)


Teradata Corporation
Teradata 14.0 Certified Professional
Life Office Management Association
FLMI Level I
Canadian Red Cross
Standard First Aid, CPR Level C




Enjoy Exercise
For those of us who work for a living, reaching fitness goals doesn't fit nicely into a daily routine. Developing habits and optimizing our time at the gym is essential. Soon to be reincarnated as an exercise component of my online resources, mwiesworkout.com is being populated with insights and recommendations for making a habit of fitness, broken down into 5 phases to help me remember and others learn how to live proud of their fitness.

Nutrition Calculator

Simplify Nutrition
This tool helps me be proactive and plan meals based on my specific macronutrient intake. Currently a formula-laden spreadsheet with a few menu items and basic macronutrient info, the final online application will help set targets, suggest meals and have access to the USDA database of nutrient info. For now, the spreadsheet covers the basics, saving me hours every week.
CLICK to download.


Michael S.H. Wies
595 Euclid Ave.
Toronto, ON
M6G 2T4
mhwies at gmail